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Turn your newsletter into a cash cow!

Context-sensitive advertising material in newsletters is directed at the target group from the advertising banner right through to the native advertising.

Reduce costs through efficiency in ad management!

Smart workflows, independent work and transparency for all of the parties involved make newsletter marketing efficient.

Increase the appeal for advertisers and readers!

The ad matches the subject of the newsletter, delivering added value and targeted reach for readers and advertisers.

Opinions about Advertate

"I enjoy marketing newsletters and the process of placing context-sensitive advertising material inside them. I'm really interested in remaining independent from marketers and dealing with ad blockers. This is where the reach and added value lies for publishing houses, publishers and agencies."

Manfred Neufang, Managing Director of Online Verlag GmbH Freiburg, Germany, and Head of Digital and IT strategy at Badisches Pressehaus GmbH & Co. KG

"Predictive behavioural targeting of websites is very imprecise when you compare it with the targeting of a newsletter. The potential of email marketing in relation to native advertising is enormous."

Christian Mohr, Sales Director at rabbit eMarketing Group

"I'm currently in charge of our existing in-house newsletter repertoire, so I'm delighted to have discovered Advertate and be able to work with it. It has already simplified my work and saves a lot of time."

Jocelyn Blome, Assistant in Online Media/Ad Sales at Strobel Verlag

Ten reasons why native advertising, banner advertising and content marketing love newsletters:

  • Newsletters offer a range of advertising media: advertising banners, text displays, skyscrapers, coupons and native advertising.

  • Using advertising material in newsletters opens up the opportunity to reach the target customer group and get past the ad blocker, both online and on mobile devices.

  • Advertising and content marketing messages are guaranteed to be well received with newsletters optimised for mobile devices as they are customised, well matched and relevant.

  • Retargeting content for specific target groups ensures added value in the customer journey.

  • Newsletters can be highly personalised, are measurable and fit perfectly into the customer journey.

  • Having an email mailing list ensures reach in terms of owned media, thereby providing a direct sales channel for premium advertising material.

  • There are high expectations riding on subscribed newsletters, making them a trigger for pull marketing.

  • Newsletters become valuable brand ambassadors with a good content marketing strategy.

  • Advertising material in the content and design context of a newsletter enables the joint planning of topics.

  • Newsletters are a requested, subscribed format with simple media transitions in the customer journey, making them perfectly suited for advertising subsidy agreements.